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VPGI Certification B.V. organizes training(courses) and information sessions in regard to the implementation of risk based security management systems as Intergraf ISO 14298 and Intergraf CWA 15374. With our training sessions we aim to help companies to implement and maintain these systems and certifications. A good understanding and functioning of these systems helps to prevent and/or minimize security related incidents. This will result in minimizing the costs and maintaining a competitive position in the market.

Several training structures are possible: ‘open’ trainings, ‘in company’ trainings or training sessions at VPGI.

‘Open’ trainings are given at different locations in Europe. Companies can subscribe for these trainings and in case of enough participants the training will be organized. The subject and details of these trainings vary and will be published by us or by Intergraf by means of a mailing.

‘In company’ trainings are given on site on customer request. The content and program of the training is completely customized to the demand of the customer. Reasons for a company to receive a ‘in company’ training can be the following:

  • To increase the knowledge of a security printing management system;
  • To have additional support at the implementation of a security printing management system;
  • To enhance the awareness of staff in regard to a security printing management system;
  • To have the possibility to increase the number of participants.

VPGI training sessions are occasionally given at the office of VPGI Certification B.V. in The Hague (The Netherlands). These sessions are generally for one or two interested parties and are customized to the demand of the customer. The advantage of the sessions at the VPGI office is a reduced rate, due to the absence of travel days and costs of the trainer.

Please contact us for more information and/or an offer for a training for your company. The rates may vary depending on the topic, the requirements of the customer, the number of participants and the location of the training session.