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Intergraf CWA 15374

Security Management System for suppliers to secure printing industry

CWA 15374 was set up by Intergraf and CEN (the European Normalisation Centre) in 2005. It is applicable to suppliers of products that include security features or services that ensure the physical IT-related security of printed matter manufactured by a security printing company. Equal to ISO 14298 the standard consists out of a management system (based on ISO 14298), a Risk Inventory Checklist and the Guidelines for Implementation. The Risk Inventory and the Guidelines for Implementation are special documents owned by Intergraf.

In addition to the rules of CWA 15374, the Risk Inventory Checklist describes a set of mandatory requirements that must be met to be a Certified Supplier to the Secure Printing Industry. Depending on the company‘s security policy, objectives and customers‘ specifications, a risk analysis will define among additional requirements listed in the Risk Inventory Checklist, those to be verified during the audit.

What do I need to do to get certified?

  1. Get in contact with Intergraf.
  2. Intergraf will send you the application form.
  3. A filled in application form with the requested documents needs to be returned to Intergraf.
  4. Based on the application file a screening by Intergraf will take place.
  5. After a positive screening you will receive the Risk Inventory Checklist and the Guidelines for Implementation. In case of a negative screening the process ends here.
  6. Schedule an audit with VPGI Certification B.V.
  7. Audit by VPGI Certification B.V. takes place.
  8. Company receives their certificate after a successful audit.

What are the prices of the audits?

Here you can find Intergraf’s CWA 15374 brochure for suppliers to the security printing industry including more information regarding the standard, the procedure and the audit prices. Please take into account that the prices are audit prices and do not include additional costs related to travelling.