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Intergraf ISO 14298

Management of Security Printing Processes

ISO 14298 is an international standard that specifies requirements for an organization’s security management system, published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Due to the nature of the subject the public ISO 14298 Standard is not very detailed on the specific measures companies need to take in order to secure their production processes. Besides the official and publicly available standard document, Intergraf provides confidential Implementation Guidelines and Intergraf Certification Requirements (ICR), exclusively developed for the security printing industry and the specific needs of this market. Those requirements are confidential and are not publicly available as access to these documents needs to be limited to security printers.

Intergraf Certification Requirements (ICR)

The Intergraf Certification Requirements (ICR) are a confidential document owned by Intergraf. Companies wishing to be certified according to Intergraf’s scheme for ISO 14298 use this document to fulfill the requirements for the certification. Only if these requirements are fulfilled a company can ensure a high level of security and can become a certified “Security Printer” according to Intergraf ISO 14298. The Intergraf Certification Requirements (ICR) foresee 3 levels of certification based on the level of security and the products produced. These requirements are exclusively available after a successful screening by Intergraf and they are strictly confidential.

Certification levels

Intergraf ISO 14298 certificates can be issued on three levels:

  1. F (Security Printing / Fundamental): A minimum set of requirements need to be fulfilled in order to be awarded a certificate with the level F. This level applies to printers supplying commercial security printing products and security products for non-governmental and governmental organisations.
  2. G (Security Printing / Governmental): An additional set of requirements need to be fulfilled by all printers certified with the level G. This level applies to printers supplying commercial security printing products ,security products for governmental organisations and ID-documents or passports.
  3. CB (Security Printing / Central Bank): Further requirements for printers supplying central banks or credit card issuing authorities and ID or passport personalization centers.

Any and all requirements for the corresponding level (NG, G or CB) need to be fulfilled by the organization in order to be granted a certificate of the relevant level. All products produced in the same building must fulfill the relevant criteria and operate under the same level. The Intergraf Certification Requirements (ICR) are meant to be used as an audit instrument for auditing the system set up by the organization, based on Intergraf ISO 14298. The system and the requirements aim at eliminating risks for customers and their product.

Who can get certified?

Producers of printed documents or products of value or entitlement, ID documents or security foils which are physically protected against forgery, counterfeit and alteration by security features. Security printing also covers the production of security foils including holograms.

What do I need to do to get certified?

  1. Get in contact with Intergraf.
  2. Intergraf will send you the application form.
  3. A filled in application form with the requested documents needs to be returned to Intergraf.
  4. Based on the application file a screening by Intergraf will take place,
  5. After a positive screening you will receive the Intergraf Certification Requirements (ICR) and a implementation guideline. In case of a negative screening the process ends here.
  6. Schedule an audit with VPGI Certification B.V.
  7. Audit by VPGI Certification B.V. takes place.
  8. Company receives their certificate after a successful audit,

What are the prices of the audits?

Here you can find Intergraf’s Intergraf ISO 14298 brochure for security printers including more information regarding the standard, the procedure and the audit prices. Please take into account that the prices are audit prices and do not include additional costs related to travelling.

Intergraf a.i.s.b.l. is a European non- for profit association located in Brussels, Belgium representing the printing industry with a specialization in security printing with currently member associations in 20 European countries. Intergraf’s mission is to provide a world-wide platform for interaction of security printers, suppliers and customers. Intergraf promotes and protects their interests via certifications (for Security Printers, Hologram Manufacturers and Suppliers to Security Printers) and offers education via meetings and conferences.