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CWA 14641:2009

since 1-1-2017 is CWA14641:2009 replaced by ISO14298:2013. For more information about Intergraf certification under ISO14298 see ISO14298:2013

Security Management System for Security Printing

CWA 14641:2009 is the preliminary standard of the ISO 14298:2013 standard. CWA stands for CEN Workshop Agreement and is the European Counterpart to ISO. CWA 14641:2009 is intended for producers of documents of value, ID documents or security foils, which are physically protected against forgery and counterfeit by added security features.

CWA 14641:2009 contains requirements that can be objectively audited for certification / registration purposes. Certification is only possible, if the organization has established a security management system that complies with the provisions description of the risk inventory, in which there are two levels of security printing. These levels are “High Security Management System for Security Printing” and “Security Management System for Security Printing”. Furthermore the security management system has to comply with laws and regulations in force and with additional specific requirements from the customer. Security management system requirements specified in this standard are complementary to requirements for products. Conformity to the CWA 14641:2009 standard also requires compliance with two restricted documents, namely the Risk Inventory and the Guidelines for Implementation. The Risk Inventory and the Guidelines for Implementation are special documents owned by Intergraf.

ISO 14298:2013

At this moment the CWA 14641:2009 version is gradually “replaced” by ISO 14298:2013. From the 31st of December 2016 there will be no valid CWA 14641:2009 certificates anymore. Interested parties can as from then on be certified under the ISO 14298:2013 standard which is a transposition of CWA 14641:2009.