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Pre-assessment audits

In case a security printing organisation (or supplier) is implementing a security management system based on ISO 14298, CWA 15374 or SMSi and wishes to have an objective view on the status of the system it can contact VPGI to conduct a pre-assessment audit. Based on the pre-assessment audit, the company can determine the status of the system related to the certification process. The pre-assessment audit provides information about the process and potential improvements to successfully complete the (re)certification audit. The pre-assessment audit can be applied to all above mentioned standards (single as well as integrated).

During the pre-assessment audit, VPGI will assess the security printing management system (manuals and procedures) for the applicable standard. During the pre-assessment audit it is also examined if the requirements of the checklist are implemented correctly. During the pre-assessment audit a GAP-analysis is made and potential incorrect interpretations of the requirements are discussed. After the pre-assessment audit the company receives a practical report of the findings which forms the basis for the company’s improvement plan.

Benefits of a pre-assessment audit by VPGI:

  • It ensures if the company is ready to proceed with the certification audit;
  • It allows companies to identify non-conformities and implement corrective actions before the certification audit;
  • It prevents unnecessary costs as a result of an incorrect interpretation of the requirements or unnecessary investments made to comply to the requirements;
  • It prevents unnecessary audit costs through the postponement of the final certification audit as a result of identified non-conformities;
  • It minimizes the likelihood that the company has a period without official certification.